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The dark fantasy music unit, which is centered upon two female vocalists who sing in their own originally created languages. They are making creative and beautiful music by mixing the classical sounds of piano and stringed instruments, and electric destructive rhythms. They debuted by releasing their first album "Messenger" from Noble Label in 2010. The members of Films are some awesome musicians who are active at the forefront in post-rock, classical music, modern classical music and electronica music, though their names have not been made public yet. However, their works can be heard on TV, in movies and at events all over the world. Yuki Murata and Takahiro Kido who are the members of Anoice, and Daisuke Kashiwa, take charge of performing musical instruments, mixing and mastering. And Koji Nishida(RAKU-GAKI/nia), famous for art director of website design and product design, also participates in Films' works. They all make Films' world more unique.

a forbidden garden

the second album

"a forbidden garden"

26 April, 2013 ON SALE

  • bubbles
  • lost field
  • the door
  • golden wind
  • once upon a time
  • control
  • they pass in front of me
  • clone
  • sleepless town
  • nostalgic hill
  • prayer
  • shining

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Ricco Label

Ricco Label

Even if the world is covered with darkness, I continue to sing.
This is the second album after a three year hiatus by Films, the dark fantasy music unit whose members remain a secret.
Films debuted in 2010 on Noble, the Tokyo-based music label which has sent many Japanese electronica artists such as World's End Girlfriend and Serph all around the world. The mystery composer and contributing member of Films has received many awards in music competitions and international film festivals, and is admired by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Nobuo Uematsu and Takeshi Kobayashi, famous Japanese musicians.
Some of the Japan's top talent in post-rock, modern classical, and ambient music such as Yuki Murata and Takahiro Kido (members of Anoice) and Daisuke Kashiwa, participate in this album as the players and the mixing/mastering engineers. In addition, Koji Nishida(RAKU-GAKI/nia) supported Films' world as the art director and the web designer.
Films' second album is graced with two females' beautiful and fantastic vocals in their original languages which are put on classic music made from piano, violin and viola, destructive rhythms and grandeur orchestral sounds. Deeper than "Vespertine " by björk, don't miss this incredible work!!